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Our Founding Principles

Founding Principles of the Village School

1.  Preserving childhood.  There’s no rush for children to grow up into adults.

2.  Working with children developmentally. We don’t work with an abstract rubric but instead, with each child individually, exactly where he is mentally, physically, and emotionally. We gently challenge him and providing the scaffolding for him to grow.  

The school’s curriculum is focused on cultivating the harmonious growth of the whole child, by balancing the development of body, feeling and thinking functions in the child.

3.  Establishing a lifelong connection and love of nature.  As illuminated in the books Last Child in the Woods and The Geography of Childhood. This is a core Village School principle.

4.  Instilling and modeling Kindness, respect for others, responsibility for oneself and the development of self-confidence.

5.  Love of learning. We treasure the Sense of Wonder innate in children.  We nurture active learners, independent thinking, and excitement about learning.  We foster an active learning community that shares ideas, ask questions, searches for answers and solves problems together.


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