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Children’s Book of the Month

What makes a good children’s book?

Here are two qualifiers:

  1. You can hear a pin drop during Read-Aloud time, and when reading time is over, the children demand more.
  2. The book is great adult reading, that you yourself enjoy.

Here, find reviews of favorite Village School books, favorite from both the teachers’ and the students’ point of view, from picture books to novels. Some of these are classics, which you may remember from your childhood, and some are recently published. All are books that engage and hook the reader, so that you emerge hours later, touched and renewed by the world created by the writer. My favorite reading is children’s literature. Children’s authors do not waste words! Some of these books are used for read-aloud at the school. These books are reviewed by teachers, students, and alumni. 
– Rise Richardson, Director


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