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Mission Statement

Village School Mission Statement

The Village School helps children develop their talents, celebrates their uniqueness, and champions cooperative learning.  

We believe in:

  • the ongoing learning and discovery in children’s play. 
  • nurturing children’s innate connection to nature.
  • providing time for each student to develop their capacities, by learning with, and understanding, their bodies, feelings and minds. 
  • learning from mistakes, trying and trying again.  Skills are acquired through persistence, effort and hard work.
  • modeling kindness; learning takes place when children feel accepted and respected 
  • noticing, respecting, and honoring differences, while celebrating all we have in common.
  • cooperation; we are always stronger together.  
  • building community through multi-age classrooms and interactions between children of all ages.
  • each student developing responsible independence, confident in their ability to work on their own and to thrive in a group. 


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The Village School

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