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Financial Aid

The Village School tuition assistance program is supported by donations and by the Village School’s own funds.

We strive, with limited funds, to support families who need financial help in sending their children to the Village School. It is important for the school community that current students are able to remain at the Village School. It is also important that tuition does not exclude those families considering our school who are in need of financial assistance. The following list of goals has been drawn up with these views in mind.

Financial Aid Goals:

  • Ensure that financial aid is given to those families with the greatest need.
  • Utilize an equitable method of determining awards for financial aid
  • Encourage a more diverse school community.

The guidelines below are used in the financial aid application process.


  • As part of the application, applicants must submit income, asset and liability information, which will be used to determine eligibility for financial aid,.
  • A percentage of income and assets will be used to determine the minimum tuition payment. The balance, or a portion of the balance, could be given as financial aid.
  • The formula for determining the minimum tuition payment is as follows:
    • 10% of income plus 1% of net assets for 1 child
    • 15% of income plus 1.5% of net assets for 2 or more children
  • The difference between the Village School tuition and the calculated minimum tuition payment can be awarded as financial aid.
  • We ask that families use all possible resources for tuition so that financial aid can be used to fill the smallest possible gap.
  • Please note that financial aid funds are limited. Awards are determined by the numbers and needs of applicants.
  • We continue to review and refine our financial aid process and appreciate your comments and ideas. Space is provided on the Application for Tuition Assistance for your thoughts and ideas surrounding the financial aid application process.

Tuition assistance is made possible through dedicated fundraising, and by the generous gifts of families and friends who are committed to making the Village School education accessible to as many children as possible. Although there is no obligation to repay an award, recipients are encouraged to contribute in the future so that other deserving students can attend the Village School.


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