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Electricity Savings

Save on Electricity and More

The Village School is partnered with Viv, a bill negotiation firm.  Viv’s Electricity program, AutoPilot, has saved the school and past parents a lot on their monthly electric bills.  It’s a great program.

You can save money on your electric bill and other bills too.  Participating parents and friends are saving, in general, anywhere from $600 to $800 a year on electricity and often more. The school is signed up and saved over $800 last year, and that was before rates went up this winter. 

Viv-AutoPilot monitors your electric utility and all third-party electric providers. On your behalf, they will identify the lowest-cost provider with the shortest-term contract. Perhaps they find a 4 month introductory offer. They will place you with this lowest-cost provider. Before the term is up, they will find an even better deal, or they will renew your contract. In this way, each parent will always pay the least amount possible for electricity.

AutoPilot is not a third-party energy provider.  AutoPilot is a subscription service ( at $3.99/mo.).   

Viv must save you  more than the subscription fee or you will not be charged anything.

Each month you get an email indicating your current rate, the utility’s rate and your previous provider’s rate, explaining what you are saving this month, what you have saved so far and what you’ll  save for the rest of the contract.  With  AutoPilot’s written guarantee, you can “set it and forget it.”  That means never having to think about your electric rate again.

In addition to saving money on the supply side of your electric bill, you may want to consider community solar. In the community solar program, you would be purchasing 100% green energy from a local solar farm. You would save an additional 10% on your overall bill (both the supply side and the service side). Your monthly bill will come from Arcadia, the broker for local community solar programs. All services and discounts that you currently receive will remain the same.

Your electric bill is just one of the monthly bills you can reduce. If you pay an internet bill, a wireless bill or a security system bill,(and other bills) Autopilot can negotiate on your behalf and make sure that you are getting the best deal possible.  Matt McDonough is the Village School’s representative for Viv-Autopilot, and is glad provide more information.  Viv-Autopilot works well for businesses too, so you can sign your business up. 

If you are ready to start saving, go to the school’s Viv website at https://villageschool.justviv.com/    It’s easy to sign up. 

Any questions? Call Matt, anytime at (413) 834-8677.


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