Music Curriculum

The Village School is a musical school. Every Monday morning, the whole school gathers to sing together, and singing continues daily in the classrooms. The Village School aims for children to not only love music, but to begin to use it as a vehicle for creative self-expression. Another aim is to foster children's natural confidence in their musical ability that will carry them through the early stages of learning a musical instrument. Children begin to play the recorder in kindergarten, with a focus on playing by ear, and learn to read music in the upper grades.

Goals and skills

Kindergarten through Third Grade

  • recognize basic rhythms in pieces of music
  • participate in group singing daily
  • learn dances and rhythmic movement based on music
  • use rhythm instruments
  • study the soprano recorder
  • participate in a singing program progressing from simple folk melodies, to rounds and harmonies
  • 2nd-3rd grade students will recognize the treble clef, and progress to basic rhythmic note values
  • participate in a passive listening program through listening to classical music
  • sing theme-related songs
  • perform for parents & community
  • participate in group music making
  • listen to live music through field trips or guest musicians

Fourth through Sixth Grade

  • continue the work begun in K-3, and add:
  • explore more complex songs and harmonies
  • continue to learn soprano recorder, experiment with alto and tenor recorders
  • learn basic note reading
  • recognize and name chord qualities (major/minor)
  • learn about the composition of the orchestra and the sounds of different instruments
  • exposure to different genres of music: jazz, folk, modern, ethnic, etc. through passive listening
  • be exposed to different types of musical forms, such as symphony, concerto, quartet, sonata, opera

Time spent on Music in school: 90 minutes a week

After School Music Program


After School Music Program

Read more about the teachers, instrument options, and fees for our After School Music Program (opens a pdf) >>

Village School All School Sing Music Snippets:


Apple Picker's Reel

Mi Cuerpo

Risselty Rosselty Now Now Now

Wake Up Shake Up

Rubber Ducky

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