New Building Fund

Friday Dismissal


Thank you to everyone for donating, for helping to move the school, for installing play structures, and a million other small and large actions that contributed to a beautiful building that facilitates children's learning.

From the Director:

You can still help!

This school has been a grassroots effort, starting before 1989, when a group of us local parents decided to create choices in education for our children, and realized that we could also serve the children of northwest central Massachusetts.

So the Village School began and has grown so much.... and now I am asking you to join me in finishing this project by...

Not only are we planting trees to start the long term landscaping , but we took on a sizeable mortgage to get the construction finished so we could move in on time to start the school year. We did it- it's a miracle- and your help can pay down the mortgage and keep the school's budget focused on education.

It takes a village... thank you for any way that you can pitch in.

Will you join me in answering the call of the future? You can still help!

Rise Richardson
The Village School

Help Fund the New Village School Building

The Dream and Vision for the Village SchoolNew Building Fund - May Day

"The world needs compassionate inclusive leaders who lead by example, and live the principles they believe in. These leaders begin as children, cultivated by parents and schools who understand the task of preparing emotionally and intellectually strong individuals to serve the future of humanity and this planet."

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Read the story and a vision for the future here.

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