New Building Fund

Photos of the Project

New Construction!

1st&2nd classroom paint e e. classrooms sided e early childhood hallway 1e (1) hallway being painted e parent nook & main entrance e playground side e preschool classroom exterior e sheetrock hallway worker e s west hallway view e 1-12-18 SE Classroom Insulated and Ready for Sheetrock 5th-6th insulated e 12-22-17 Ductwork Installation in SE Wing 12-22-17 Fire Alarm Panel In Mechanical Room 12-29-17 Mechanical Room 12-29-17 SE Wing Hallway Cabinet Heater 12-29-17 South Elevation preschool classroom painted trim e richard in 5th-6th e siding painted inside e utility room e ventilation system e 3rd &4th classroom e s front entrance new roof e s main entrance close e s 11-21-17 south playground entrance close up e south playground entrance distance e south side view e septic in e s 3 classrooms roofs windows s 5th-6th room window s south side roofs sm preparing septic e s East Side Roofing 10-13-17 Main Entrance 10-13-17 Main Entrance Framing 10-13-17 North Wing Framing 10-13-17 roofs on 3 classrooms e s Interior South Entrance 10-13-17 South Side 10-6-17 5 classrooms 9-2-17 5 classrooms SW view 9-2-17 preschool and K-1 classrooms 9-2-17 3 classrooms from south Connector Roof Between Classrooms in SE Wing IMG_5437 IMG_5450 SE Wing Classroom Interior Interior of 5th-6th Classroom 5th-6th Classroom Framing SW Wing Placing the West Wing Slab SE Wing Slab Completed Completed SE Wing Slab Ready for Framing

Ground Breaking Ceremony

alum and parent Kids at ceremony in rain Thank you Walt Thornton  Engineer and VS board member Cropped groundbreaking Cropped shovelers e VS groundbreaking Jim Farnham performing ceremonial  sprinkling on foundation large group ground breaking e Rise Richardson VS Director and  kids recognizing Walt Thonton teachers groundbreaking The A Team 2nd-3rd pile up e (1)


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New Building Floor Plan New Building Landscaping


Millers River Educational Cooperative is uniquely poised to meet the practical educational needs in the area. Only through the commitment of our supporters and friends can we realize this impor-tant vision. We ask for your support as we work together to make the dream a reality.

Donate Today or make a pledge. Significant gifts from individuals, corporations, and foundations are required for this campaign to be successful.


Pledges are payable over a 3 year period. Donating appreciated securities, real property, life insurance or other assets, may provide tax advantages.


Yes. All gifts to the Village School Capital Campaign are tax deductible to the full extent provided by law. Please consult your tax advisor.


Yes. Gifts to the Growing Roots for the Future campaign can be designed to show personalized participation, to honor a friend or relative, or to recognize the participation of a business firm or organization.


The Village School has a mandate to keep tuition low and affordable. Over $70,000 is given annually in financial assistance, funded directly by operations, and thus constricting the budget. This amount has not been sufficient to meet financial need, subsequently prohibiting some children from attending the school. An endowment and scholarship fund will alleviate this situation and secure the School's commitment to its students.