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The Village School is an independent school for students from preschool through the 6th grade. Located in Royalston, Massachusetts, the Village School serves children from over 20 of the surrounding nearby communities in north central Massachusetts, and southern New Hampshire.

The nature based Village School education focuses on in-depth, hands-on academic studies together with kindness and attention to the individual student. student drawn lady bug

Photo Albums

Photo Albums

Look through our student photo albums. You'll find photographs from our current and past student body participating in a variety of school events.

Student Artwork

Student Art Work

Find a wonderful selection of student art work. You'll see examples from preschool through sixth grade.

Poetry Project

Winter Poetry Project

Another all school collaboration. Classes brainstormed words and phrases, and wrote poems together.

Read more about our Poetry Week >>

Current Videos

Current Videos

Music, student created and performed plays and seasonal celebrations are a part of the school environment and curriculum. Please take a look at some of our current videos.

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More Families Share:

"At the Village School, children discover self respect, mutual respect and courage. They are not afraid to be, to try, to create." -Rick Walton, parent of three graduates.
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Enjoy this article about the Value of Reading with a Buddy >>

Read an article about Learning in an Atmosphere of Collaboration and Cooperation written by our director, Rise Richardson. A terrific read >>

Pancake Breakfast and Silent Auction

2016 Summer Music Programs!

Find out about this year's Village School Summer Music Programs >>

Parent Reminders

Upcoming Field Trips

Summer Programs
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Families Share

"The Village School extends my reach as a parent, gently guiding my children to dig in deep and tend to their gifts, then patiently awaiting for them to emerge in their own right time, in sync with the seasons and the greater rhythm of the world around them." - Brooke C., mom of 2nd grader Sam and preschooler Luke.

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Silent Auction and Pancake Festival

Summer Programs

Academic Highlights



The Village School provides a warm, safe, supportive, nurturing garden for children to grow and become themselves. Teachers are facilitators, gardeners and role models ...

K - Grade 1

Kindergarten - Grade 1

Themes last over five weeks. They reflect the changing seasons and give children a taste of some of the subjects that are covered in the upper grades ...

Grade 2 - Grade 3

Grade 2 - Grade 3

The foundation for all learning at the Village School is a strong sense of community. The children view themselves as integral members of the larger Village School ...

Grade 4 - Grade 6

Grade 4 - Grade 6

Our day starts at 8.30, with a class meeting circle, run by each of the children in turn. By taking responsibility for the meeting, the children learn both how to lead a meeting ...

Community Events


    Congratulations on an Outstanding Play
    Congratulations, 4th-6th students (and 2nd-3rd students) for two wonderful performances of Zeus on the Loose! Thank you 4th-6th parents, for cheerfully getting your children through last week. The children looked amazing, thanks to the huge amount of work put in by Nan Wolverton - helped by Kelly Henshaw - in devising brilliant costumes for 32 different characters (including the extras from the 2nd-3rd grade class). The sets, too, were a triumph, beau-tifully designed by our multi-talented art teacher Jocelyn, painted by the 4th-6th graders themselves.

    Thank you Jocelyn and Lindsey for leading the delightful singing. Jocelyn also led the pit band, and we're very grateful to Fred Lilienkamp, his daughter Laura, and Emily Hood for joining her.

    Thank you, Matthew Hamer for running the lighting (with the help of a spotlight generously loaned by Athol High School) and for editing the video. Thanks, too, to Kyra Kristof for videoing both performances. A big thank-you to Jim Bennett for once again setting up a great sound system, and to Will Szal for running it. Finally, thank-you to alumni (and former Village School actors) Nora Savage and Maggie Walton who labored in the darkness as backstage managers. It takes a village to put on a play! Watch the photo section for a group of play photos.
  • If you missed the last Open House,

    call the school to visit and observe classrooms
  • Dance Week at the Village School

    Many thanks to the Mass. Cultural Council for awarding the school a STAR Residency grant to have Anna Hendricks, dancer and dance teacher, teach at the school for a full week. Anna uses a concept-based approach to teaching creative dance, allowing for students of all body-types and levels of physical and artistic experience to explore and enjoy dancing.
    Read all about it >>

    All the classrooms, from preschool through the 6th grade, celebrated Poetry Week in January at the Village School in Royalston. Find out more here >>

  • Original Play :: Threat to the ThroneOpening Scene(Opening scene of Village School student written and produced play Threat to the Throne 2015)
  • How the Play Process Meets and Exceeds the Common Core Standards: The Magic of Writing the Play. Read More >>
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